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Winter Programs


February Break Camp

February 22/23

Time: 10:30am-3:00pm

Two 1 HouR Sessions per day

Jemini Arena


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The Focus Goaltending team is excited to be offering a two day camp.  This is an opportunity for goalies to train alongside their peers with our top group of instructors.  This two day camp is designed for athletes aspiring to excel, with a focus on building the on-ice skills & habits required to be an elite hockey player.    

With a 2:1 goalie-to-instructor ratio, Focus provides on-ice sessions which allow for individualized coaching and constant engagement of athletes.  On-ice sessions will be centered upon the development of game management skills—rebound control, traffic management, puckhandling, and the ability to compete to the end of all plays.     

Dynamic Warm-Up
Each day we will start with a dynamic warm-up that includes stretching and aerobic footwork drills to get our goalies ready for the high intensity on ice program.
Two, On-Ice Sessions Per Day
When our goaltenders hit the ice they will be constantly engaged and challenged. At Focus we take pride in maintaining a 2:1 ratio whenever they are in the crease. The last thing we want is for our clients to be sitting around waiting for their turn. You can rest assured that your goalie will use their session time fully. 
Mobility is key for modern goaltenders. We place a heavy emphasis on always being ahead of the play. By improving power and making each movement more efficient, goaltenders will be able to be set and ready for every save.
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