Female Summer Camp

U11/U13 group & U15/U18 Group 


12 Goalies per group

2 Goalies per net


July 26th-29th


Jemini or agriplace Arena



July 26th-29th


Jemini or agriplace Arena


U11/ U13 Camp
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$200 deposit due march 1st, 2021

Full payment due July 1st, 2021

U15/ U18 Camp
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$200 deposit due march 1st, 2021

Full payment due July 1st, 2021

The Focus Goaltending team is excited to be offering a female summer camp for bantam and midget-aged goalies.  This is an opportunity for goalies to train alongside their peers with instruction from former & current elite female goalies.  This four day camp is designed for athletes aspiring to excel at AAA midget level and beyond, with a focus on building the on- and off-ice skills & habits required to be an elite female hockey player.  Instead of being ‘the girl’ at camp, the athletes will be a part of an experience tailored to address the unique needs of a female goaltender.

With a 2:1 goalie-to-instructor ratio, Focus provides on-ice sessions which allow for individualized coaching and constant engagement of athletes.  On-ice sessions will be centred upon the development of elite female game management skills—rebound control, traffic management, puckhandling, and the ability to compete to the end of all plays.     

Goaltending goes beyond just the physical side of the game, so in addition to on-ice skill sessions and off-ice dryland sessions, the athletes will be challenged to expand their understanding of the mental & tactical side of the position in daily classroom sessions.

Dynamic Warm-Up
Each day we will start with a dynamic warm-up that includes stretching and aerobic footwork drills to get our goalies ready for the high intensity on ice program.
Two, On-Ice Sessions Per Day
When our goaltenders hit the ice they will be constantly engaged and challenged. At Focus we take pride in maintaining a 2:1 ratio whenever they are in the crease. The last thing we want is for our clients to be sitting around waiting for their turn. You can rest assured that your goalie will use their session time fully. 
Mobility is key for modern goaltenders. We place a heavy emphasis on always being ahead of the play. By improving power and making each movement more efficient, goaltenders will be able to be set and ready for every save.
Proffessional off-ice skills coaches
Tom Graham - Mental Training Coach
Trevor Adamus - Body Kinetics Training - Martensville Collective Health and Wellness
Neil Demmans - Athletic Therapist - Pro Sport Rehab and Fitness
Aaron Willems - Strength Coach - Rise Strength Lab
Classroom Sessions 
These daily sessions are our chance for camp participants to learn about their game play from a different point of view. Here, we will go over game play tactics and examine how to read the variety of scenarios presented to a goaltender. Using video and a variety of sources, we can help the goaltender better understand how and when to use the skills they are learning during live game play.
Hand Eye Coordination/ Vision Training Programs
Key components in goaltending today are hand eye coordination and visual training. During our camps, we are now able to offer specific training in these areas during an off ice session.  Here, with the help of a variety of tools/aids, we will be addressing, assessing and improving our goaltenders performance in these areas. 

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