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Female Summer Camp 2024 

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July 22-25


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The Focus Goaltending team have decades of goalie coaching experience. We work with goalies of all age levels and skill sets. We believe in the importance of coaching goalies to have balanced movements and correct techniques. In addition, we understand there are other important aspects to a goaltenders game that occur outside of on ice training sessions.  As such, we are proud to collaborate with other professionals in fields of mental training, body kinetics, athletic therapy and strength training to offer our goaltenders diverse, well rounded training opportunities. Our coaching philosophy, high level on ice training, combined with strong external partnerships has allowed us to build a summer camp that provides our goaltenders with the best opportunity to improve.
Dynamic Warm-Up
Each day we will start with a dynamic warm-up that includes stretching and aerobic footwork drills to get our goalies ready for the high intensity on ice program.

Two, On-Ice Sessions Per Day
When our goaltenders hit the ice they will be constantly engaged and challenged. At Focus we take pride in maintaining a low goalie to instructor ratio whenever they are in the crease. The last thing we want is for our clients to be sitting around waiting for their turn. You can rest assured that your goalie will use their session time fully. 

Mobility is key for modern goaltenders. We place a heavy emphasis on always being ahead of the play. By improving power and making each movement more efficient, goaltenders will be able to be set and ready for every save.

Proffessional off-ice skills coaches

Tom Graham - Mental Training Coach
Craven Sports - Strength Coach/Body Kinetics/Flexibility
Classroom Sessions 

These daily sessions are our chance for camp participants to learn about their game play from a different point of view. Here, we will go over game play tactics and examine how to read the variety of scenarios presented to a goaltender. Using video and a variety of sources, we can help the goaltender better understand how and when to use the skills they are learning during live game play.

Hand Eye Coordination/ Vision Training Programs

Key components in goaltending today are hand eye coordination and visual training. During our camps, we are now able to offer specific training in these areas during an off ice session.  Here, with the help of a variety of tools/aids, we will be addressing, assessing and improving our goaltenders performance in these areas. 
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