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Full Ice Private Sessions

Focus Goaltending Training Centre

We offer private and semi-private lessons at arena locations in Saskatoon. If you like working one on one, choose our half hour or hour long private lessons. If you prefer being on the ice with a goalie partner, book a semi-private lesson and share the net with a goalie partner for the whole hour.
Our training facility offers goaltenders a smaller more controlled environment that is optimal for teaching. These one on one training sessions include visual aids and coaching tools to increase learning. 

Private sessions

30 minute session $107.49
60 minute  sessions $214.99


In these sessions we will address a goaltenders specific needs, by prioritizing skills that individual goaltenders need. These sessions allow goaltenders to learn at their own pace and take time to perfect each skill ensuring they will get the most out of their time training.


Private Sessions
30 minute session $74.99 
45 minute sessions $112.49
60 minute  sessions $149.99
Aided by video replay we will be able to break down specific skills unique to each goaltender. This controlled learning environment is great for young goaltenders.

Semi-Private sessions (60 min)

$124.99 per goalie 

each session must be booked with two goaltenders of similar skill level. These sessions give goaltenders more time on the ice to work on edgework. A training plan is built with both  goaltenders in mind, complimenting the skill sets of both athletes.                               

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